Code of Conduct


The Alaska Startups Code of Conduct applies to Ideator and all social media, forums, events, and interactions within our community.

1. #GiveFirst

  • Every community lives and dies by the contributions of the people in it.  The entrepreneurship and innovator community is no different.  #GiveFirst means give before you receive - support other startups, show up to events, and volunteer time, money, and/or resources to help initiatives that build the community.  In return, appreciate the help others give you. 

2. Honesty & Integrity

  • Be direct, honest, and transparent. 
  • Protect sensitive information.  Any information that is not publicly available is sensitive and should be treated as such.
  • Disclose conflicts of interest.
  • Do not steal assets or content.

3. Respect

  • Our community is non-hostile, open, and welcoming.
  • Diversity drives innovation.  Encourage participation and feedback from people with diverse backgrounds, opinions, and expertise. 
  • "Don't assume malice when ignorance will suffice."  Do not assume someone's intention is harm.  Give them the benefit of a bad day, not knowing the full story, or misinterpretation.

4. Action Counts

  • Ideas are only worth as much as the actions you take to make them a reality. 
  • Help create better content, events, communications, and opportunities.

5. Startups are hard.

  • Don't make them harder.