Alaska Startups Code

Alaskans have always been risk takers with an entrepreneurial flare; it’s why we have one of the highest rates of new business launches in the U.S. Our startup ecosystem has grown and matured significantly in recent years, but we have a long way to go. The Alaska Startups Code is what we believe and how we act as we build our ecosystem.  It guides our interactions in all social media, forums, events and communications within our community.


  • Every community lives and dies by the contributions of the people in it. The entrepreneurship and innovator community is no different. #GiveFirst means give before you receive — support other startups, make yourself available to aspiring entrepreneurs, show up to events, and volunteer time, money and resources to help initiatives that build the community. In return, appreciate the help others give you.

Maintain Honesty + Integrity

  • Be direct, honest and transparent.

  • Protect sensitive information. Any information that is not publicly available is sensitive and should be treated as such.

  • Disclose conflicts of interest.

  • Do not steal assets or content.

Respect the Process

  • Our community is non-hostile, open and welcoming.

  • Diversity drives innovation. Encourage participation and feedback from people with diverse backgrounds, opinions, and expertise.

  • "Don't assume malice when ignorance will suffice." Do not assume someone's intention is harm. Give them the benefit of a bad day, not knowing the full story, or misinterpretation.

Feedback is Essential

  • Encourage a culture of candid, respectful feedback.

  • Direct but polite feedback is critical to success. Avoid giving false praise if you see flaws in someone's reasoning and approach.

  • Thank others for their honest feedback and do not take criticisms personally.

Celebrate Failing Smart

  • Recognize that entrepreneurship is about testing ideas. Most of these ideas are not successful, and failures yield valuable lessons. Embrace and celebrate failure as an opportunity to learn.

  • Be keen to share lessons from unsuccessful ventures with others.

  • Learn from others failures, and appreciate the people that are helping you fail smarter.

Action Counts

  • Ideas are only worth as much as the actions you take to make them a reality.

  • Help create better content, events, communications, and opportunities.

Startups Are Hard

  • Don't make them harder.