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As an Entrepreneur on Alaska Startups Ideator, you are immediately gifted with a network of skilled future team members, mentors, and experts in a variety of fields.  For information on everything from adding a team member to your idea, to submitting your idea to a collection, visit the Ideator Support Center! Alaska Startups is a #GiveFirst community, and there are many ways you can give on Ideator!

Your next steps:

1. Fill out your profile.

2. Create and showcase your ideas

3. Add or find team members.

4. Leave comments and likes to help grow the community!

5. Reach out to potential mentors and investors for in person meetings or online chats.



The Ideator "Discussions" page is a great way to reach out to the entire community. Post job positions, share resources, or source talent! This is the first place to turn to when you need to speak with a larger audience.


You can set up meetings or reach out to individuals directly from the platform. Visit the "People" page to search for individuals by category or by skill set. You can even set up a meeting directly from someone's profile! This is a great place to look for team members and mentors!




One of the easiest ways to boost community interaction is by leaving feedback through comments or liking others idea's. Give somebody something to grow off of and they may just do the same for you. We all grow when everybody gives!