The Alaska Startups Ideator Community is an online platform for founders, startup teams, investors and mentors to engage around any and all of their business ideas. The Ideator Community is currently a invite-only platform. Members of Ideator will have access to Alaska mentors and funders, have community support to grow their business idea, and meet like-minded people to build a team around a business idea. The goal of the Community is to support and grow the entrepreneurial, mentor, and investor community throughout the state of Alaska.


Alaska Startups Ideator is a private community for entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. To request your invite, click below.

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"My work with startups exposes me to new activity in the community. It's a chance for me to grow personally while contributing back to the community.


"I put my Idea on Ideator because I really wanted to connect with like-minded individuals in what I perceive to be a safe space. It's a way to really connect with individuals to try to help my business grow."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my ideas kept private?

The platform is intended to create a trusted community, you may keep all or part of your business ideas private until you are ready to share them. We do encourage you to share at least your business name and elevator pitch so that users and mentors can see what you are working on. We believe that a strong entrepreneurial community is one that shares ideas and provides feedback to help grow ideas.


is there a membership cost?

The Alaska Startups Ideator platform is currently in a one-year pilot, and there is currently no cost associated with your Ideator membership. Your one-year membership is being sponsored by the Alaska Startups community including UAA, Alaska Investor Network and the Division of Economic Development. We hope to keep Ideator open at no-cost to you after this pilot year, however if we add a membership fee next year you are under no obligation to maintain your membership. 


who can join?

Anyone who is interested in being an active and engaged part of the Alaskan entrepreneur ecosystem and who is willing to #givefirst may join Ideator!


How can I use Ideator in the program I manage?

If you run a business plan competition,  an idea sprint, a business accelerator, or any other program that develops business ideas the Alaska Startups team can work with you to incorporate Ideator into your program. Ideator is great for creating a working community, a space to share and grow ideas, and to connect with mentors and investors. It's also a great place for you to see all participants in one place from this and past years, and you can contact participants directly from Ideator. Contact us at to learn more.