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You are essential to creating new businesses from the talent of a team, a promising market, and a new business model.  You've learned the hard way , your practical experience and connections in the market uniquely offer real world advice, and sometimes, the necessary feedback founders need to hear in order to focus their efforts; doing the right things, and doing things right. Yes, you may bring money and want a return on your investment, but if you are like most early stage investors, what you really value in early stage investing is insight to market trends, finding new talent, and exploring innovations that inform you about the broader investment opportunities that are growing out of the work you've done in the past and that you may be putting in your portfolio for the future.

Working with the teams and ideas here on Ideator, we hope that you will find promising new ventures you want to work with and perhaps later invest in.  The initial investment of your time and talent will help you create a new legacy and an opportunity for your "smart money" that founders must have to succeed.  Companies seeking investment later are judged by the character and quality of their early investors and advisers or board members.  This is your opportunity to find those teams and ideas that you are uniquely prepared to help reach their potential and help you extend the impact of your career in business. 

Your next steps:

1. Fill out your profile.

2. Scan companies and "like" the ones you want to follow.

3. Engage in the discussions.

4. Seek out a couple companies that you might be able to help and contact them. Arrange a meeting in person, or engage in an electronic exchange.

5. As you find companies that are not a fit for you, consider who they might be a good match for and offer to make an introduction.




The Ideator "Discussions" page is a great way to reach out to the entire community. Post job positions, share resources, or source talent! This is a great place to turn to when you need to speak with a larger audience.


You can set up meetings or reach out to individuals directly on the website. Visit the "People" page to search for individuals by category or by skill set, and reach out through their profile.




This is where you can see up and coming entrepreneurs in need of mentoring and advice! Reach out by leaving a constructive comment or liking their idea. We all grow when everybody gives!

For information on everything from being added to a team , to helping teams set up their goals and tasks, visit the Ideator Support Center!